Philips Epilator HP6401 Satinelle Review


The two speed Satinelle epilator by Philips is about as affordable as you can find, however it is very basic in design with no battery, dry use only and only 21 discs, however it is built solidly and is gender neutral which makes it popular with men

Similar to other bargain priced models this one is quite painful compared to other higher priced devices. If you are first getting started with epilating this is probably not the one for you since you will probably never try it again after the first time.

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Our Review

We have broken our review up into five sections that highlight the different area of concern when purchasing an epilator: Price, Features, Comfort, Design and Warranty.

Price 10/10

The Philips HP6401 is in the lower price range of all of the brands we reviewed. With a MSRP of $39.99 and sold a bit cheaper online it is no wonder why it is a popular choice for people who are new to epilating. The price reflects it’s no frills and basic design, however it is still very much worth the money.

Features 4/10

  • Two speeds: Multiple speeds allow for use all over the entire body. The high speed is great for the legs and arms while the slower speed is more gentle for sensitive body parts.
  • Efficiency cap: This wasnt really as great as they made it out to be. It is simply a plasic cap that covers a portion of the blades. However if you are new to epilation then it may help you hold the device at the proper angle.
  • Removable, washable head: The head of the epilator is removable so that it can be washed directly under running water.
  • Dry operation only: The Philips is a corded device and therefore can only be used dry.

Comfort 3/10

One of the things we found in common with all of the cheapest epilators we reviewed is that they were significantly more painful than the mid and higher priced models. This one was no exception. If you have never used and epilator or had waxing done on a regular basis then I suggest looking at spending a few more dollars and get something that will be more comfortable for you to use. Also, since it is corded there are times that the cord can get in the way while trying to reach parts of your body.

Design 5/10

The HP6401 Satinelle is of a very basic design and it doesn’t boast many features but what is there is constructed solidly. The grip is comfortable to use and the design is attractive and fairly gender neutral making it popular with men. Since it is a corded device there is no internal battery and it is controlled by a single switch. The single attachment that comes with the epilator, the efficiency cap, doesn’t really do much of anything but could possibly be of help to someone new to get the correct angle.

Warranty 8/10

Philips is a well known company and offers a 2 year warranty on all materials and workmanship for their epilators. It does not cover any damage resulting from accident, misuse, lack of reasonable care or abuse. You can initiate the warranty process by phone or on their website and will have to pay for shipping of the device.