Fyola Epilator Rechargeable 4-in-1 Review


This is another bargain priced model that does not disappoint. While not as impressive as higher priced models it boasts many of the features of the higher priced competitors such as a built-in rechargeable battery for cordeless operation, wet and dry use, and 3 additional attachment heads.

The downside of the Fyola epilator is that, like others that are low priced, it is quite a bit more painful than the more expensive models. If you are looking for your first device you may want to continue your search for something that is not as painful.

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Our Review

We have broken our review up into five sections that highlight the different area of concern when purchasing: Price, Features, Comfort, Design and Warranty.

Price: 9/10

The Fyola epilator is in the mid to lower range of pricing of the different models that we reviewed in our study. Having a MSRP of $59.99 and often sold much cheaper at online outlets it is certainly a contender for an entry level device. What makes the price even more attractive are the many attachment that are included with the Fyola 4-in-1.

Features: 7/10

  • 2 Speed operation: This model has the industry standard 2 speed selection. The faster speed is for general use and the slower speed being recommended for sensitive areas or very fine hairs.
  • 4 different, interchangeable blades: Included are 3 additional blades in addition to the standard blade. These different attachments are great for different areas of your body and being removable make cleaning up a breeze.
  • Pivoting Head: This model features a pivoting head that ensures you are able to keep the proper angle for epilation and allows the Fyola to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm!
  • Rechargeable: This is where this epilator really shines in comparison with the other cheap models on the market. Having the rechargeable battery allows you to be free of cords. The battery takes approximately an hour to charge fully and a full charge will last for around 40 minutes of use.
  • Wet or Dry: You can use this epilator in the shower or on wet skin with no ill-effect or risk of electrocution.

Comfort: 7/10

One of the things we found really neat in this rechargeable epilator is the pivoting head. This really made using it really easy on those hard to reach areas. The fact that it is cordless also adds to the comfort of use. The smaller facial attachment is really a great additional and is far more gentle than that standard attachment head.

Unfortunately, like other bargain priced models, the Fyola 4-in-1 is quite a bit more painful than the higher priced models. If this is your first epilator we implore you to spend a bit more to ensure you will actually use it an not just stuff it in a drawer while cursing whoever came up with such a barbaric hair removal device.

Design: 7/10

The appearance is quite appealing with a purple trim on white and the contraction feels solid in the hand. Beyond the basic design and appearance the biggest upgrade on this model is the different attachment heads which allow you to better accommodate the different areas of the body.

Warranty: 3/10

There is no extended warranty for this product, however Fyola guarantee their products for 45 days from the date of purchase. If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return your Fyola epilator for a replacement or refund. The catch is that you must return it with the original packaging, all attachments, have your proof of purchase, and pay for shipping. Considering the price you are probably better throwing it in the trash than paying for shipping both ways and waiting months.