Basic Epilator Information

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Welcome to the wonderful world of high-tech hair removal! No matter if you read about these strange sounding devices in a magazine or if a friend has mentioned them it can be fairly overwhelming when first learning the in’s and out’s.

Never fear; on this page we cover all of the basics you need to know about buying and using a top of the line epilator without breaking the bank, or your skin! Lets get started…

What is an epilator and how does it work?

An epilator is a handheld device used to remove hair from the skin. It can be best explained as a series of tiny tweezers that spin and pull the hairs out from the root just like waxing. Unlike waxing this process can be done at home without the risk of burns or messes. The results are a very smooth skin that does not grow back for many weeks.

Does epilation hurt?

I know at first the idea of lots of tiny tweezers ripping hairs out by the roots sounds like some sort of mid-evil torture; but in reality it’s really not that bad. In fact, most people compare the first time to having a wax treatment done. If you have never had waxing done it is recommended that you try it prior to trying epliation so that you know roughly what to expect. Most people agree that, unlike waxing, after a couple of times your skin becomes less sensitive to it and the process doesn’t hurt at all. Of course, certain sensitive areas can be more painful than others but it is still overall far less painful than waxing.

Types of Epilators

There are a few different types available for purchase. They mainly fall into 3 categories: commercial grade, personal use, and facial. The commercial grade can cost thousands of dollars and can be quite large. The focus of this website is more geared to the personal use and facial types. Personal use models can be used all over the body, however sometimes they are a bit cumbersome for some areas on the face. Facial epilators tend to be smaller and more maneuverable while also being more gentle.

Epilators for Men

Men can use them too! Even though the majority of the market is geared towards women with the coloring and advertisements, men all over the world are discovering the benefits of epilators for men. Some men may be self-conscious about using a pink hair removal tool, but I can assure you that their women will appreciate it!